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Richard and Pam Elliston

When the police call and your child is in trouble, you've got to go get your kid!  Don't panic.  Call me, for straight answers and advice!







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Are you a grandparent who's had enough?  Ready to step in on behalf of your grandchildren?  Call me.  I can help.

Serving all the Counties of Southeast Tennessee, including Bradley, Polk, McMinn, Monroe, Meigs, Rhea, and Hamilton.  Office and residence located at 163 Crews Drive, Benton, Tennessee.

Thirty-four years experience, including five years as staff attorney for Department of Children's Services in Bradley and Polk Counties.

Certified as Child Welfare Law Specialist by the National Association of Counsel for Children.




"It's a well kept secret.  Quality legal services for parents AND their kids are very affordable.  Folks would be pleasantly surprised if they would simply give Richard a call at (423) 665-2286.  Here's another secret.  His cell phone number is (423) 790-4978.  He's never offended when someone asks what it's going to cost!  If somebody is reluctant to call, all they've gotta do is click the Comments and Questions button at the left, and he will get back to them in a flash.  Everything is absolutely CONFIDENTIAL, of course."